Doctor La

C-Section Post Partum Information


4 days following delivery unless you are experiencing a medical problem.


Upon discharge, you will be given orders provided by Dr. La.  If you are experiencing pain, you may take up to 800mg of Ibuprofen, an over-the-counter medication, every 6 hours.  Dr. La may also provide you with an order for Tylenol with codeine which can be taken as needed.  It is ok to take both of these medications together if necessary.   If you are breastfeeding, Dr. La also recommends that you continue taking your prenatal vitamins as well as an additional calcium supplement daily.


  • Dr. La recommends that you shower only for the first 2 weeks so the steri-strips do not come off too quickly
  • Keep the incision as dry as possible
  • After two weeks, you can begin to take baths


  • You may have discomfort for about 2 -4 weeks following your surgery.
  • Stitches dissolve on their own and do not need to be removed
  • Small tapes or “steri-strips” will be over the incision.   If they come off on their own before 2 weeks that is fine.  Dr. La will examine them at your 2 week postpartum visit.
  • Some swelling, mild redness and bruising around the incision is normal.  Call our office if the redness or bruising seems to be getting worse or is expanding.
  • You may be more comfortable wearing a supportive garment (Spanx or similar underwear) over the incision to apply gentle pressure.
  • A small amount of bleeding or clear drainage from the incision is normal.  However, if you see more than a small amount or drainage, call to schedule an appointment for an incision check.


  • Do not life anything heavier than your baby for the first 2 weeks.  Get someone to help with the car seat, baby bag and other heavy equipment during this time.
  • Do not drive until you come for your 2 week postpartum visit.  This will prevent harm to the incision during the first 2 weeks.
  • After 2 weeks, you should be able to drive, carry the car seat, baby bag and do most normal activities.
  • You can do gentle walking or other low impact activities, for exercise, after 2 weeks.
  • Wait 4-6 weeks before resuming a full exercise program – particularly exercises that use the abdominal muscles.